TRS Campus, Sri Krishna Nagar,
Tiruttani Road, Arakkonam

Students and Faculties

Students and Faculties

For the Student:

  • Achieving high professional success by providing quality technical education to the Students of Rural Areas of Vellore District and to the student community at large
  • To make the student achieve academic excellence and good results in the academic examinations
  • To make the student a good citizen by providing talent, technique and training
  • To make the students excel in their communication skills
  • To achieve well desired result by improving the skill of creativity, leadership quality and organization skills and to become an ideal model citizen
  • To encourage students to participate in in extra-curricular activities to make them aware of being healthy for a better living
  • To make the student socially responsible citizens
  • To make the students to achieve good career in their life and to build a good society.

For the Faculty:

  • The faculty and staff are encouraged to make their teaching skills upgraded by attending the orientation programs conducted by the University authorities. Also, they are encouraged to update their skills knowing latest happenings in their respective fields of technical education
  • Faculties are encouraged to go for higher studies and get qualified for research oriented programs
  • Faculties are encouraged to implement newer skills in teaching and encouraged to use modern tools in imparting technical education
  • Faculties are encouraged to maintain a good morale and establish better relationships with the student