TRS Campus, Sri Krishna Nagar,
Tiruttani Road, Arakkonam


Hostel Facilities


Separate hostels are provided for boys and girls. Boys Hostel. And the hostel is well furnished, provided with pure drinking water facilities. There is a separate Ladies Hostel taking care of their needs. The hostel is well equipped hot water facility during the winter season. The hostellers are provided with good food by the College. It is important in the usage of oil and in taking care of these things the College itself doing managing the hostel with hygienic food rather than quantity, quality is the mantra of providing food to the students.

The hostel rooms are spacious, adequately ventilated, well maintained and furnished with necessary accessories.


  1. Students desirous of staying in the hostel should express the same in the prescribed form. The option forms should be handed over to the Warden. Rules and Regulations that should be followed in the Hostel are listed below.
  2. They have to pay the prescribed fee before joining the hostel; otherwise they will not be permitted to stay in the hostel. Payment in installments is not permitted.
  3. No student should stay in the hostel when the College is working without specific permission from the Warden.
  4. The mess timings are: Breakfast: 7.30am - 8.00am Lunch: As mentioned in the college time table Dinner: 7.30pm - 8.00pm
  5. The study hours in the hostel are 9.00 am and 12.00 noon (on holidays) and 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm daily. During the study hours the students are expected to stay in their rooms and should avoid group discussions.
  6. Students can entertain the visitors only during visiting hours. The normal visiting hours are between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm on working days and between 2.00 pm and 6.00 pm on Sundays and other holidays.
  7. Permission to go out of the hostel will ordinarily be given once in a month on a holiday. They can leave the hostel after 6.30 am and should return before 6.00 pm.
  8. No student will be allowed to leave the hostel based on a phone call. Phone calls from outsiders, other than parents of the students, are strictly prohibited.
  9. Parents are requested to give a list of authorized visitors /local guardians who can be permitted to visit the students in the hostel. Visitors other than those given in the list should get an authorization from the parents or the parents should intimate the Principal about the visit in advance.
  10. Students will ordinarily be permitted to go home only if the College is closed continuously for 5 days or more. Students going out of hostel either to the city for a day's visit or to their native places for holidays should enter the date and time of leaving the hostel and the proposed date and time of return to the hostel.
  11. Any student desirous of attending a function in their house, a marriage or any other ceremony will be permitted to go only if the request is made directly by the parents to the Principal.
  12. Local guardians authorized by parents of the students are expected to take care of the students' welfare and provide moral support. They may visit the students periodically during visiting hours. The students are not permitted to stay in the local guardians' houses overnight and care should be taken by the local guardians in not inviting their wards to their houses on phone.
  13. Students who do not pay their hostel dues or are found guilty of misbehavior or bad conduct will be expelled from the hostels.

Library Facilities

SKCE Library is housed in a well ventilated place in the main block well accommodated with good contribution of books and journals. Covering an area of more than 15,000 sq. ft. the reading rooms in our Library have a congenial atmosphere to users. With the generous contribution by the Management and the special interest taken by the Principal, the Library is being developed and poised to grow steadily and systematically.

Our college Library is well equipped in terms of the number of books, back volumes and current journals subscribed. Apart from catering to the needs of its faculty and students, the use and services of our College Library are extended to Private / Public Organizations upon its being admitted as a member of our Library.

Our Library

College Library which is functioning under the open access system is having a total collection of 9500 books. The approximate annual addition is about 2500 volumes with various titles on several subjects.


  • Lending Book Section
  • Reference Book Section
  • Book Bank Book Section
  • Current Periodicals Section
  • Back Volume Section


Membership for Faculty, Students, Administrative and Supporting Staff are automatic members of the College Library Registered Industries / Organization / Growing Agencies are eligible to become members of the Library

Transport Facilities

We have full fledged own fleet of more than 25 Buses under our educational institutions to cater the need of the students from various rural areas spread over 75 kms with moderate cost

  • Our buses ply in the following routes:
  • Arakkonam to Kanchipuram
  • Arakkonam to Ranipet
  • Arakkonam to Pallipet
  • Arakkonam to Tiruttani
  • Arakkonam to Perambakkam
  • Arakkonam to Vallarpuram
  • Arakkonam to Tiruvallur (Under proposal)