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Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering or Automotive Engineering has gained recognition and importance ever since motors are used and well designed to transport people to the nearest or farther places covering motor vehicles capable for transporting passengers well designed with fueld efficiency. Since, automative vehicles have to withstand different terrains research activities warranted and rapid growth in the field of automobile engineering become inevitable. The auto components manufacturers and the whole industry grown maniufold rapidly. The challenging careers and the filed of study wide open and scope spread all over the industry. Automobile engineering in fact dealwith designing, developing, manufacturing, testing, repairing of systems like cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters etc. Automobile engineering is not a restricted field of engineering, also the elements used applications of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering and software engineering. In a way to become a automobile engineer specialisation in the field is essential in designing, developing, manufacturing and testing of vehicles, motor transport systems, workshop technology maintenance etc.,